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Liz reached out to see if we could help bring her plan into reality. The brief was to achieve a simple, free-flowing bathroom as the original space was crowded. We worked on three variations of the floor plans before settling on a central door layout to maximise the space. Each floorplan had pros and cons; we tweaked the plans going back and forth with all of the best features until Liz was thrilled with the layout. We then finalised the fittings and fixtures and moved on to the build. Concealing a magnifying mirror inside the mirror cabinet and having permanent power connected to the hairdryer are a couple of personal touches. Sensor lighting throughout the three-room renovation and a ducted fan-assisted drying cupboard in the laundry were high priorities for a luxury finish.

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‘I bought a house during lockdown with the aim of renovating the bathroom, laundry and powder room. I have never undertaken a solo renovation and Peter was an integral part of moving the project forward. From the first contact online he was responsive, insightful and enthusiastic.
He put together some 3D designs and I could immediately see the possibilities.
Peter is a skilled tradesperson with a professional and business like attitude. He is easy to communicate with and has many ideas and a lot of product knowledge.
The project was completed on time and on budget. I am thrilled with the final outcome.


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