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Discover each stage of our renovation process, from concept to completion.

Expanse Builders unique procedure was created for people just like you who are looking for answers and need some guidance. By engaging Expanse Builders, you will work with a team of renovation builders and designers all the way through from tossing around ideas, to creating precise designs and costings, to delivery of your stunning renovations.

Our trusted building process is here to make these renovations easier for you with our comprehensive stages.

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1 Client details

Fill out our form and use the resources to start your preliminary planning and ideas. Let us know as much as you can to streamline the initial conversations.

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2 Consultation Call

Let's chat about your desires and plans for your renovation project. We will touch on all the points you have made in the intake form.

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3 Site Consultation

We'll create a personalized agenda for your meeting and arrange a consultation visit. During the meeting, we'll delve deeper into your ideas and provide answers to any questions you may have.

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4 Proposal

Based on our initial discussions, we can create a basic proposal that outlines the estimated cost of achieving the desired results. This will assist you in determining and finalizing your budget.

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5 Consultancy

When you are prepared to transition into the design and planning stage, you can enlist our services as consultants to collaborate with your design team and bounce ideas off of us. By involving us early on, we can make a positive impact on the design process and help prevent any budgetary issues.

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