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Squeezing The Most Out Of Your Small Bathroom

  • Expanse Builders
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Existing floor plans can sometimes pose tricky design challenges during a bathroom renovation project. If you have a small bathroom, you may feel restricted in your options and settle with what you have. However, with the right team, it is possible to increase your small bathroom’s functionality and overall design without modifying the location of any walls.

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A new design can improve powder rooms for guests or master bathroom suites that are not spacious. Working alongside a professional designer, you will discuss some of these innovative solutions available to make the most of your small space:


  • Creative Layout – Sometimes, older homes have an odd bathroom layout.  By reconsidering your sink, toilet, and shower location, you can optimise the function of your space. A typical layout change is rotating the angle of a shower to create a better walkway. Another space-saving idea is using a bath/shower combination to reduce your primary bathroom’s footprint significantly.
  • Narrow Vanities – A standard bathroom vanity is between 450 and 550 mm deep. A more limited vanity, closer to 300 mm in depth, allows you to increase the walkway in your bathroom. While these options may not work in all situations, they can give your small bathroom a less crowded, more open feeling and more design freedom.
  • Plentiful Lighting – Lots of lighting improves the design of any room but can be a total game-changer in a small bathroom. A well-lit bathroom will feel much larger than a dim, dark space, so it is essential to incorporate new lighting fixtures and maximise your natural light.
  • Intentional Design Style – You can take two different design routes to make the most of a small bathroom. The obvious one is to use light and bright colours to allude that space is more significant. Using natural wood tones, whites and creams, and large (but not too big) mirrors in a room will reflect light and make the room feel larger. There is another option, however, that will appeal to those with a more eclectic taste. Consider making your bathroom a statement room by diving into a bold jewel-toned colour or patterned wallpaper.

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Planning your bathroom renovation alongside a professional design and building company, like Expanse Builders in Melbourne, will help you achieve a functional and beautiful design for even the smallest of bathrooms. If your bathroom leaks, it would be a good idea to read to see how urgent the issue is.

From the smallest powder baths to the most oversized luxury bathrooms, we can help you bring your dream designs to life.

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