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The Team You Need For Your Bathroom Renovation Project

  • Expanse Builders
  • 20 Sep 2023

Creating the dream bathroom, you have always wanted takes lots of planning to execute correctly. When deciding to carry out a bathroom renovation, you will have two options: hire a builder who will organize and coordinate each of the individual trades; or you can hire, control and manage all of the trades yourself.

Without a builder overseeing your new bathroom project, you will have to contact many individuals skilled in their specific trades. It takes an entire team of trades to bring a bathroom renovation project to life, including:

  • Designer – This skilled individual will review your bathroom’s current style and layout during an initial design consultation. They will ask you questions regarding the look and your wants and needs for your new bathroom and assist you with picking out materials and finishes. If you have a small bathroom or have tricky layout issues, a designer can show you different floor plan options with creative solutions.
  • Asbestos Testing/Removal – Homes built until 1994 may contain asbestos in the flooring, ceiling, walls, or even pipes. If you are suspicious, it is essential to get these existing materials tested for asbestos. An asbestos testing company will complete the required testing for you and remove any reduction to get the asbestos out of your home.
  • Plumber – One of the most important tradespeople in your new bathroom project is the plumber. They are responsible for installing all the hot and cold water and drain lines in your bathroom. If you opt to relocate your bathroom fixtures, they will move your existing pipes or add new ones.
  • Electrician – During a bathroom renovation, an electrician will install wiring to power and control your lighting, outlets, exhaust vent, and other electrical devices. It is essential to properly coordinate the bathroom’s overall design with your electrician to install light switches and outlets in the correct locations.
  • Carpenter – A carpenter can handle all the miscellaneous tasks required to complete your bathroom. They will install custom cabinetry, floor and wall trims, architraves and skirting, hang mirrors and cabinets, install shelving, set doors, and much more. This trade works from the beginning to the end of the project. Carpenters will also complete or oversee the insulation installation and supervise throughout the project. The carpenter will most likely be the person responsible for the demolition of the existing bathroom at the very beginning of the project
  • Plasterer – This trade completes the drywall installation during your bathroom upgrade project. Once the plumbing and electrical are complete, the plaster crew will screw new drywall into the studs, tape the joints, and apply a layer of mudding over the joints. They will then sand your walls and ensure a nice smooth finish.
  • Waterproofing – You will need a certified waterproof to create a barrier between the substrate and the tiles. This process is the waterproofing, usually a liquid membrane applied in several coats to the entire area it is essential that the products used be compatible with the tile adhesive, grout and silicone systems that will be applied over it.
  • Tiler – The tiler’s work usually brings the most significant transformation to your space. By installing new tiles on the room floors, shower floor, shower walls, and behind the vanity, your bathroom starts to feel complete. Once the tile is set, they will return and apply the grout.
  • Painter – Painters are usually the last crew involved in your bathroom project. They will apply a couple of coats of paint across all of the walls. If your cabinets have not been painted in the fabrication shop, they will also spray your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint.

Managing all of these people on your own will require you to be the coordinator between each trade. If the electrician needs to move wires they have already installed because plumbing needs to go in that location, you will need to be the “middleman” between the two parties.

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Working with Expanse Builders ensures everything is taken care of for you. We will manage the team of tradespeople and designers required for your project. They will also use their years of experience to sequence the construction and avoid common mistakes. This approach allows the construction crew to work directly with the designer, solve any design issues on the spot, and avoid delays. For bathroom renovation projects in Melbourne, consider the expertise of Expanse Builders.

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