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Add Luxurious Heating To Your New Bathroom

  • Expanse Builders
  • 20 Sep 2023

Adding just a few extra details to your bathroom renovation project allows you to take the design from average to extraordinary and have that hotel-like feel you have always desired. Some people only consider the finishes and lighting when elevating a bathroom design. However, upgrading the heating elements will significantly impact the luxuriousness of the space. So, which type of heating is best for your bathroom?

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A bathroom that has not been recently updated will feature outdated heating systems. These could include an old bar or heat lamp heating, such as those offered by IXL Tastic, or the bathroom may have no heating.

You will always feel comfy in your spa-like retreat with innovative heating solutions. Consider these heating options for your next luxury bathroom renovation:

  • Radiant Floor Heating – Turning off your nice, warm shower and stepping out into the frigid air in your bathroom can be a buzzkill. Imagine a scene where warm heat creeps through your toes and extends that comfort you felt in your hot shower. Adding radiant floor heating to your bathroom provides benefits beyond you feeling warm. It requires less energy than traditional radiators and less space as it is hidden beneath the tiles.
  • Hydronic Floor Heating – Hydronic floor heating provides all the same benefits as radiant floor heating. The difference is how the heat is created. Hydronic floor heating uses hot water piping beneath your floors rather than loops of radiant wire. The best option for your new bathroom will depend on the primary heating system you have in your home.
  • Heated Towel Rails – A heated towel rail is the ultimate lap of luxury. Nothing is better than adding a warm, cozy towel to your morning routine. These towel racks will dry your towels and keep them mildew-free, ultimately extending the time between washes. Since these rails can be mounted on the wall, they take up very little space, perfect for even a small bathroom, and they disguise themselves as any other type of towel rack. Your guests will love this luxurious feature in your bathroom.

Check out HotWire and Thermorail branded products for all the new bathroom heating services mentioned above. Engaging a specialist designer for your bathroom renovation will ensure you get the best heating solution for you., you can read more about it here. Expanse Builders will work alongside HotWire Heating to help you build the luxury bathroom of your dreams in Melbourne.

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