Things to consider for your bathroom design (and why you need a specialist builder!)

Before you can embark on a bathroom renovation or new build project, you have to design the bathroom first. A good (or bad) design can make or break a project: not only does a well-designed bathroom look amazing (and increase the value of your property), but it also means your bathroom will work for your lifestyle. 

This article discusses the key factors involved in bathroom design – and why it pays dividends to engage a bathroom expert at this stage of the process.

Step 1: What do you need?

What do you want your bathroom to accomplish, and who will be using it? Will you be using it as a primary bathroom, a guest bathroom or are you planning an ensuite? The requirements (and budget) are likely to vary for each of these purposes.

What fixtures and fittings will you require? For example, do you need a bathtub, or will a shower suffice? How much storage space do you require – and what about power points?

Asking these questions at the very beginning of the design phase will help develop a clear bathroom concept and its key features.

Step 2: Plan the layout

Your bathroom layout should be designed to maximise space and functionality. You should consider where to place the shower and/or bathtub, sink and toilet so that your bathrooms flows intuitively. An experienced bathroom designer will help you make the most of your space by highlighting common bathroom mistakes; they may even use 3D models to help visualise and try out different layouts.

Step 3: Select your fixtures

The fixtures you choose for your bathroom are critical for its overall design and functionality. You should select fixtures that are both practical and which suit your taste, while being conscious of your budget.. For example, you could choose between wall-mounted or freestanding vanities, walk-in or alcove showers, and various types of bathtubs. You may also wish to consider factors such as water efficiency, sustainable sourcing and durability when choosing fixtures for your bathroom.

Step 4: Choose the right materials

The materials you choose for your bathroom also have a significant impact on its aesthetics and longevity. A wide range of materials can be used for bathroom floors, walls and countertops, such as porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and glass. A specialist bathroom designer can help you choose the best quality materials for your bathroom based on your preferences and budget.

Step 5: Lighting and ventilation

Lighting and ventilation are essential – but oft-forgotten – factors to consider when designing a bathroom. Well-placed LED lighting enhances the appearance of your bathroom, while reducing your energy bills – not least by complementing and making the best use of natural light. Adequate ventilation is essential to prevent mould and mildew growth over time, which is unsightly and can lead to health issue.. An experienced designer will ensure your lighting and ventilation is tailored for your requirements.

Why engage a specialist builder?

As the above steps show, designing a bathroom can be a complex task – especially if you’re inexperienced in construction or design. Good bathroom design is about more than just choosing a vanity, a bathtub and tiles. There are a hundred different decisions to be made, all of which add up to a perfect bathroom for your lifestyle. Get it wrong, and you’ve potentially wasted thousands of dollars on a room that doesn’t fit your needs.

Engaging a specialist designer and builder helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensures that your bathroom is designed specifically for you. Here are some of the main benefits of engaging a specialist builder for your bathroom project:


An experienced bathroom specialist has the knowledge required to design and build a bathroom that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and which makes the most of your space. They’ll also be able to bring innovative solutions and creative ideas to your design which you may not otherwise consider.

Quality materials 

A specialist builder will recommend high-quality, proven materials and fixtures that look great and last for years. These may be at a preferential price or even unavailable to the general public.

Timely completion

A specialist bathroom builder will project-manage your renovation, using trusted tradespeople and ensuring minimal hassle or disruption to you. All you should need to do is enjoy your amazing new bathroom!

Expanse Builders are your local experts in bathroom design. We’ve been designing and building bathrooms in Bayside, Melbourne for more than five years.  We ensure every detail is considered before we even start, using an innovative 3D model that allows you to see what the final product will look like, then deliver your dream bathroom with minimal disruption for a fixed total cost.

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