Blog: Why You Should Always Use A Professional Designer For A Bathroom Renovation Project

Choosing to complete a bathroom renovation is a big decision. Your life (and wallet) will be interrupted for at least a few weeks. Working with a professional designer throughout the process ensures you always make the right decisions and have confidence in your final design.

From the outset, you can tell the difference between working with a professional team and with someone who is not experienced. The first step in starting a bathroom renovation is discussing your family’s requirements and getting to the heart of your needs.

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Some businesses prefer to quickly quote the project without exploring all of your family’s needs. These quick quotes often miss out on crucial aspects of the project, and you will likely end up with another version of the room you already have. Most of the issues are hidden behind walls or result from the already poor layout.

A professional designer will have a phone consultation to explore your needs and formulate a partial brief to make the most of your on-site design consultation, and then before developing your quote. You will discuss your exact space needs, down to the tile grout and cabinet hardware. Then, collaborating with the builder will give you accurate upfront pricing to budget for all costs and your inclusions.

In addition to more accurate pricing, a professional designer will use their many years of experience to help you solve common issues that may come up during your project.

  • Awkward Layouts – Older bathrooms often have a smaller footprint, making the layout cramped and uninviting. Seasoned designers welcome these design challenges. They will help you think outside the box to achieve a bathroom floor plan that works best for you. Whether removing a closet from a neighbouring room to increase the size of your bathroom or relocating main bathroom fixtures, a professional designer will walk you through your options.
  • Combining Design Styles – In new bathroom designs where multiple people are involved in the decision-making, it can sometimes be tricky to land on a style that everyone is pleased with. A professional designer will listen to everyone and cohesively combine all your ideas and tastes to ensure you have a design you all love.
  • Choosing Quality Materials and Fixtures – A professional design/build team will be highly experienced when suggesting materials and fixtures available to suit your design. As a team, they will help you compare the items in terms of cost and quality and help guide you in making the best decision for your family’s project.

At Expanse Builders, our in-house design team will collaborate directly with your family and our building team. This way, we fully understand your design and requirements before we get started. In addition, working with Expanse Builders in your project ensures a seamless bathroom renovation from day one to day done.

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