BLOG: How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Renovating a bathroom is a significant project that has many things to consider. The question ‘how much does a bathroom renovation cost’ is probably the first thing that crosses your mind when thinking about a new bathroom. I will use my experience to explain how to arrive at the answer.

Here is the first conversation someone will want to have with us “I need someone to come out and give me a quote on a bathroom renovation.”

While this seems like a reasonable request, it’s too soon to be racing out to start measuring up. So, as designers and builders, we need to start with the same question as you: ‘how much will this bathroom renovation cost?’ So, how do we work this out? In this guide, you will learn how to talk to builders and designers to ensure you find the answer to this question as quickly as possible.

Budget; everyone has one, and no one wants to discuss it. Each project is different, and your builder must discover what you are after before determining how much it will cost. For example, do you want to move the tapware, toilet, bathtub or vanity? Or will everything be much in the same place? Do you want a double bowl vanity with under-mounted or top-mounted bowls?

The good news is I will show you how to structure your client brief so you can present your requirements in a format that will guarantee the prices reflect your expectations and all the features you are after. Your brief is just the basic framework you will need so you can have consistent, productive conversations with builders and designers. You don’t need to go into too much detail as that is your builder’s job.

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Creating your brief.

1. A great place to start is with a working budget. Of course, you must have some figures in mind before engaging a team. To help you set a budget, you will find links to a renovation cost calculator at the end of this article. It aggregates all the contract prices from similar projects around Australia to provide instant estimates for various renovation projects.

Once you have arrived at a budget you are comfortable with, you will need to consider a few things. If you plan to use premium items, you will automatically push your project into a premium price range. After all, there is no point in discussing designer tiles and taps if you don’t have the budget. Remember that the low-end figures will keep the same layout and use standard fittings and fixtures. The mid-range may have minor adjustments to the design, and the higher-end estimates are for a complete layout change with a few premium items.

2. You already know what you don’t like about your bathroom, and it is essential not to make the same mistakes twice. Listing what you do not like is often the easiest way to discover what you want. For example, if your bathtub is too small, or perhaps you don’t need a bath at all, it is critical information to have ready for your builder. Similarly, you may not have had enough storage in your existing bathroom, so additional storage would be a great item to list.

3. Finding at least one inspirational photo is essential as it helps let your designer/builder know what aesthetic you would ideally like to achieve. It’s good to note what you particularly like about the images you save. Is it the full-height tiles, the concealed cistern toilet, or just the fancy wall light? Is it the brushed gold tapware or the skylights over the shower? These notes will form the more detailed specifications when you move into the design phase. It is important to remember that most images are from high-end projects as they tend to get photographed professionally more often.

4. Writing down the everyday use of the room can also be very useful for a builder or designer as they will have creative solutions to make the room function better for your daily use. A designer can only know what you do and don’t like after you tell them; it is the designer’s job to find out as much as possible and create a beautiful space that appeals to your aesthetic. Sometimes, you will stick to a strict budget; it may be in a rental property, house sale, or perhaps an additional family member who wants to move back home. All this is critical information to tell your designer as they decide the best use of your budget.

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So, we move from a conversation that goes something like:

” I need someone to come out and give me a quote on a bathroom renovation.”

To a conversation that looks more like:

‘We want to talk to someone about renovating our existing main family bathroom.

 Ideally, we would like to move the bath position and have a concealed cistern toilet and a walk-in shower. If possible, we would like to fit a double vanity with bowls on top as the twins, aged 7, want to use the bathroom together in the morning and use our ensuite, which is still in excellent condition. I don’t like the sliding door, so ideally, we would like a swinging door to replace it. I have attached a couple of photos of the existing bathroom and a picture of our desired style. We have considered a budget for the project and will discuss it with you soon.

Spending a few hours writing down your ideas at the start and having a realistic budget range will ensure you have great conversations with builders or designers that result in a fantastic outcome.

Head to the link below to get an instant estimate on your bathroom renovation.

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